Classes & Workshops

Wildling Collaborative Arts offers a variety of ceramic arts, pottery, textiles, and multimedia art classes and workshops for anyone regardless of age, gender, sex, race, or disability.

Ceramic, Pottery, and Art Workshops

These are short group one-shot or two-shot ceramics, pottery, and art lessons. Typically they last between 2-4 hours per day. These listings also include small group private lessons.

Ceramic, Pottery, and Art Classes

These are 2-4 hour long classes that take place over several weeks.

Ceramic, Pottery, and Art Private and Semi-Private Lessons

Wildling offers private and semi-private lessons for beginners, intermediate, and advanced artists.

Viking Textile Makerhub Workshops

Textile workshops taught by Viking Textile Maker Hub. Workshops are typically 1 or 2 sessions instead of an on-going learning experience.