About the Wildling Ceramics Lab

The Wildling Ceramics Lab is ceramics and pottery studio and learning space in Eugene OR. We offer monthly memberships, open studios, and workshops and classes for beginners, intermediate, and advanced artists who love working with clay.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ceramics Lab Memberships

Find the right ceramics membership fit for you.

Where the Wildling Ceramics Are Members Website

Our members have their own private website where studio information is shared. For the password ask a fellow member or reach out to Wildling Management.

Ceramics Lab Members Website

Open Studio Passes

Come to Wildling on Sunday between 10am-3pm for the Ceramic Lab's open studio hours.


These are short group one-shot or two-shot ceramics, pottery, and art lessons. Typically they last between 2-4 hours per day. These listings also include small group private lessons.


These are 2-4 hour long classes that take place over several weeks.

Private and Semi-Private Lessons

Wildling offers private and semi-private lessons for beginners, intermediate, and advanced artists.

Clay and Clay Tools to Purchase

Buy clay and clay tools from Wildling's Ceramics Lab.