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Wildling Collaborative Arts

Intro to Pit Firing

Intro to Pit Firing

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Thursday, March 21st 5:30-8:30pm and Saturday, March 30th 10am-4pm

Pit firing is an invigorating practice of sculpting with fire while attending our delicate greenware through every step of their transformation to ceramic.

Pit fire is an ancient technique practiced around the world with infinite variations, it is essentially a bisque and does not reach glaze melting temperatures. This simple, low-tech approach to firing has clear stages as well as guidelines that make it accessible to learn for anyone excited to integrate this method into their pottery practice.


A special wild clay handbuilding class will by taught by Nicole Hummel and Hosanna White on the evening of Thursday, March 21st. Only pottery made on Thursday evening will go into the pit firing on Saturday March 30th, but you do not have to make pottery to participate in the firing.  

Note: The firing on March 30th is weather dependent. If it must be rescheduled because of moderate to heavy rain, a backup date will be determined.


Hosanna White is a passionate earth artist who works with wild clays, soil and rock pigments, and fire to create elemental pottery in an ancient way. She is dedicated to learning slow crafts that connect her with the source of her materials and the magic that comes from transforming them for everyday use.

Hosanna lives in the foothills of Western Oregon, a geologically rich landscape that has inspired her studio work, Whitesnake Arts. She blends bio-regional history and land stewardship into her artwork painted with a colorful collection of hand gathered earth pigments.

@whitesnake.arts on instagram

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