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1 day Introduction to SoulCollage

1 day Introduction to SoulCollage

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Introduction to SoulCollage



Your SoulCollage® Deck is the Story of You! Create a unique deck of colorful, collaged SoulCollage® cards with deep personal meaning. Consult your cards, discover your inner wisdom and find answers to life’s questions. Anyone can enjoy this fun, powerful and satisfying method.


SoulCollage is a creative and intuitive process that combines images, intuition, and self-discovery to create a personalized oracle deck. Participants in this class will explore their inner parts of self and using the techniques of SoulCollage, will create a personalized oracle deck. 


 Class Title: Introduction to SoulCollage

Description: This introductory workshop offers a nurturing and expressive space for participants to delve into the realm of SoulCollage. SoulCollage is a powerful and transformative process that combines intuition, creativity, and self-reflection to create personal cards representing different aspects of oneself. Through the art of collage-making, participants will gain insights into their inner world, emotions, and aspirations, fostering self-discovery and personal growth.


Class Outline:

  1. Introduction to SoulCollage

    • What is SoulCollage 
    • Understanding the intuitive collage-making process
    • Overview of origins of SoulCollage
    • Overview of the suits used in SoulCollage
  2. Gathering Images

    • Exploring various sources of images (magazines, personal images)
    • Selecting images that resonate with participants on an emotional level
  3. Creating SoulCollage Cards

    • Basic techniques for creating collage cards
    • Assembling images intuitively to represent different aspects of oneself
  4. Reflecting on the Cards

    • Individual and group discussions about the emotions and messages conveyed through the collages
    • Journaling exercises to explore the deeper meanings of the cards
  5. Sharing and Witnessing

    • Participants have the option to share insights or stories behind their SoulCollage cards
    • Creating a supportive and non-judgmental environment for sharing
  6. Discovering Archetypes

    • Introduction to archetypes and how they manifest in SoulCollage
    • Exploring the recurring themes and symbols in the created cards
  7. Using SoulCollage for Self-Reflection

    • Techniques for using SoulCollage cards as a tool for self-discovery and problem-solving
    • Incorporating SoulCollage into daily life and personal growth practices


  • Assorted magazines and images for collage-making
  • Scissors, glue sticks, and cardstock or mat board for creating the cards
  • Journals or notebooks for participants to reflect and journal about their cards

Prerequisites: No prior experience in art or collage-making is necessary. This workshop is open to everyone interested in exploring their inner selves through a creative and intuitive process.

Outcome: By the end of the workshop, participants will have created the beginnings of their own set of SoulCollage cards, each representing different aspects of their inner selves. They will have gained insights into their "netters" or parts of self and learned how to use SoulCollage as a tool for self-reflection and personal growth. Participants will leave with a deeper connection to their inner wisdom and a renewed sense of creativity and self-expression.

Students are encouraged to bring a pen and notebook or sketch book for journaling and documenting.
All other materials will be provided.
Wildling Collaborative Arts is an Artists Collective in Eugene OR founded in 2023. We offer a membership ceramics studio which is the only 24/7 ceramics studio in Eugene. We are also home to Viking Textile Makers Space, a textile makers space founded here in Eugene by Mitra Gruwell. We host workshops and classes in our large classroom space as well as offer private studio for local small businesses in Eugene. Mystic Fables Leather runs their leather making business in one of our private rental studios, along with other local Eugene artists. We have recently opened up our gallery space to host the works of local Eugene artists. We are active in the Whitaker community and participate in the Whitaker Last Friday Art Walk. Wildling Collaborative Arts is an accessible and inclusive space.
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