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Wildling Collaborative Arts

Sweeper Broom Making Workshop

Sweeper Broom Making Workshop

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In this workshop you’ll be able to completely customize your broom with your choices of broomcorn and twine colors from a wide variety, selection of the handle you’re most drawn to, and the addition of dried flowers if you wish. Come learn traditional broom-crafting skills while enjoying a community of kindred souls in the delightfully magical setting that is Wildling Collaborative Arts.

This class takes place on two separate days; on the first day we will attach the bristle to the stick, going over all the details you need to know to make a balanced, effective, beautiful, quality broom. For this portion, the broomcorn is wet in order to be pliable. During the days between classes, your bristle will need to thoroughly dry. Keep this in mind as you’ll need space near a heater or wood stove where the broom can be hung up or laid down with good airflow for proper drying. If students don’t have that capacity at home, I am able to bring your broom back to my shop to dry and then bring it back for the second day. During the second day we will learn to stitch, weave, and trim our brooms.

address: 250 Taylor st, Eugene OR
dates: Friday, January 19 & Monday, January 22
time: 5:00pm - 9:00pm both nights
light refreshments provided

Cost: single seat - $350, two seats - $600
Bring a friend for $50 off each reservation!
Only 12 seats available!

This workshop has a 5 student minimum to proceed. If 5 reservations are not made before December 11, existing reservations up to that point will be refunded and the class cancelled.

** all classes require a certain amount of hand, arm, and back strength and mobility. We will be using tools that require fine motor skills including sharp knives, scissors, and lighters. These will be provided to share amongst participants. By participating in the class, you acknowledge the potential risk of injury and assume all personal responsibility for your health and wellness. **

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